Solar Membranes

Steinbach has worked in partnership with the foremost laminator manufacturers to develop diaphragms and PTFE belt materials that meet the specific requirements of PV module manufacturing.

The patented Lamibran® diaphragm is ideally suited for laminating glass/backer-sheet modules with cells encapsulated with EVA. The two-ply Lamibran has a proprietary layer that resists the outgassing from the EVA which causes silicone to become brittle and prematurely fail.

Steinbach’s grey, durometer 55 silicone is known throughout the industry for its consistency and durability. The recently introduced durometer 60 (red) and durometer 50 (blue) silicones, offer both extended widths and textured surfaces. With high tear and temperature resistance, these diaphragms are in use worldwide on the full variety of module laminators.