Solid Surface Vacuum Table Blanket

Transparent Silicone for Vacuum Bagging | Smartech InternationalYou’ve found the BMW of silicon and advanced rubber products.

It’s our German heritage.

That gives us a foundation of excellence, smart engineering and sets Smartech materials apart as the competitive choice in your workshop.

But don’t take our word for it.

Compare Smartech materials to our competition and let us know what you think. That goes for all of our products – no less the solid surface vacuum table blanket.

If you’re creating woodworking and composite designs, you have a wealth of choice, and we encourage you to see our many styles and durometers.

Keep reading, and you’ll even see a selection lower on this page. Call these what you will – blankets, bladders, diaphragms – the vacuum industry has many names for the material that makes negative pressure profitable. What you’re about to see is advanced sheeting designed to work with even your biggest, bulkiest and most difficult projects.

The Benefits of Smartech Materials

We give you products with high strength and elongation, custom cut to your size, with or without a textured surface.

The Solid Surface Vacuum Table

Tables come in every shape and size. Sometimes they’re custom made in a woodshop. Often they’re purchased from a manufacturer. Knowing the wide variety of tables, we custom cut our materials to fit whatever style of vacuum table you’re using.

What Do You Do With Yours?

Whether you’re operating your solid surface vacuum table for wood or composite processes, we’ve been serving the needs of these industries for more than 20 years. Our custom table blankets will form to the exact size and shape for your design, without bridging and allowing pools of resin, all while stretching from 200 to over 700 percent elongation depending on the durometer you require.

Now, take a moment to size-up a selection of our silicone and advanced rubber blankets. The first for example, our Grey Durometer 55, is known the world over in many industries.

For dozens of other options, please click on our products page. And if you have questions – such as the maximum size or perfect material for your own process, the best idea is to contact us. We’re excited to help you meet your goals.

Our maximum elongation products will withstand intense heat.

Now you can save time and money working with valued materials that offer consistent and dependable quality.

Just call us at 704-362-1922. One of our experts will tell you the best products for you. Including relevant durometer, size, and surface. If we don’t have the size or variety that you need in stock, we’ll get it to you quickly so you can get to work.