Save Space with Roll Storage Racks

You can save space with roll storage racks that hold your laminates in place and give you easy retrieval right where you need them. Revolving Rack for Membrane Storage | Smartech International

The alternative is to have a cluttered factory floor that doesn’t allow you the efficiency to get projects done in a timely and economical way. Worse still, with every load and unload, you risk damaging the outer layer of your costly laminate investment.

There are many kinds of racks – from large rack walls accessed by a forklift, to horizontal racks that can take up massive swaths of space from your square footage.

Smartech’s unique solutions to this space and handling problem provide options for both large and small storage issues, and for larger or smaller budgets!

Vertical Solutions

When you’re facing a horizontal space crunch, it pays to build up. Our motorized roll storage racks hold from 12 to 46 rolls of with a foot print of only 56”deep x 94”wide or 104”deep x 94”wide. Efficient PLC controls quickly give you access to the laminate you need.

Smartech offers two formats of vertical roll storage racks. You have a single loop and a double loop. Either kind helps the custom order manufacturer whose customers expect a myriad of laminate options.

Manual Revolving Roll Racks

When your ceiling height won’t let you go vertical – or your budget is tight, Smartech’s manual Revolving Roll Rack is a terrific option. We developed this extremely economical rack that also solves the low ceiling height dilemma.

This solution is an 80” short roll rack that revolves on casters and is turned manually.

This rack is easy to justify if you’re on a budget and lack ceiling height but still need to store multiple laminate options at your membrane press. With Smartech’s revolving roll rack, you can fit 12 rolls with 20” diameters up to 20 smaller 12” diameter rolls. The steel track allows you to spin the entire machine by hand.

Compare that to a large, automated vertical roll rack that can hoist from 36 to 46 rolls – if you’ve got the headspace and budget. For the higher output manufacturer it’s worth the machine cost to get the automated help.

Unreeling Material

To make unreeling your laminate easy and safe, our racks come equipped with custom made centering cones that allow you to pull out the laminate quickly and easily.