About Smartech

Smartech International has supplied the North American woodworking and solar industries with top-quality Steinbach membranes since 1998. Working in close partnership with Steinbach AG of Detmold, Germany, we credit our success as an Industrial and Silicone and Rubber Membrane Supplier to committed focus on quality products and superior customer service.

Repeat customers expect and appreciate Smartech’s personal level of service with each purchase, and know that our quick response times are standard, never the exception.


Volker Steinbach and his family founded their industrial supply company in 1981. Based in Detmold Germany, Steinbach AG supplies a wide range of industries with spare parts and specialty materials across the international marketplace. In 1993 he expanded his company’s commitment to the North American market with the establishment of a warehouse in Charlotte, NC and is a co-founder of Smartech International. Steinbach AG also has distribution points in Shanghai China, Taipei Taiwan, and Brisbane Australia.

Jannica Greife has 30 years of experience in industrial customer service. Working in Germany with two machinery manufacturers in the late 1980’s led to a career that focuses on pairing the highest quality products with superior customer service. Jannica has worked closely with Steinbach since 1991 and is proud to represent them throughout North America as a co-founder of Smartech International.

Erin Walsh joined Smartech in 2001 and has served as the office and warehouse manager since 2005. Customers appreciate her consistent commitment to efficient and friendly service. Her product knowledge as well as resourcefulness when providing our customers the information they need make her a popular asset to the Smartech team. She’s also an outstanding forklift operator!