Roll Racks – 3D Laminate Roll Storage Racks

Smartech’s Motorized as well as Revolving Roll Racks are custom-built for your individual capacity and automation needs. Originally designed to store 3D Laminate for membrane press users, these machines also store and unreel paper laminate as well as other rolled materials. Their heavy-duty construction is virtually maintenance free.

Keep your rolled material right where you need it – on the production floor!

For 3D Laminate applications, just let us know your ceiling height and maximum roll diameter and together we’ll figure out what size machine is right for you. The HS2000 single-loop racks have capacity ranges from 10-23 rolls of 3D Laminate, and the double-loop HS4000 racks can store as many as 46 rolls of 3D Laminate right at your membrane press. Options include automatic roll retrieval, material measurement system and cut-to-length for 3D Laminates. Any combination of options can be installed on your custom machine to suit your production needs.

If your ceiling height or budget are somewhat restricted, the manual Revolving Roll Rack can store 12 full-size or up to 20 smaller rolls in under 80″ and approx. 11′ feet diameter of floor space. The rack can be combined with a free-standing cut-to-length unit for a price well worth the convenience and saved laminate.

All of these machines ship fully assembled with simple instructions so you can install it yourself.

Our overhead paper laminate unreeling systems are also custom-built precisely to your specifications. Give us a call with your production needs and we’ll design and build exactly what your application requires for a price that will surprise you – in a good way!

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