IBEX Show 2017

For the composites industry, September was a month of uncertainty. Two big events were scheduled in Florida -CAMX 2017 (Orlando) and IBEX 2017 (Tampa).  Irma decimated plans for CAMX 2017, but quick organization has it rescheduled for December 12-14. However, just one week later, IBEX (International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition) was able to move forward as planned.

The IBEX show was a huge success. Though Irma passed through just nine days earlier, IBEX was still able to post a 4% increase in attendees and 10% increase in exhibitors. Driving through Tampa, it scarcely seemed as though a hurricane had been anywhere near the area.

We had the luck of running into a client – Blue Wave Boats from Seminole, Oklahoma. Blue Wave has been using the same sheets of our 2mm thick transparent silicone vacuum bagging material since December of 2013. That’s nearly 4 years with an average of 9 cycles per week!!

Smartech’s reason for visiting the CAMX and the IBEX is the same – exploring the market for our new super thin, hyper- elongation material. Silicone 35 Transparent was specifically designed for use as reusable bagging material for composites manufacturing. I was anxious to show this material to other industry professionals and gain valuable feedback.

Conversations with industry educators, suppliers, and current customers confirmed our excitement. Silicone 35 Transparent, with its high-elongation, transparency, and light weight, will find a welcome home in composites manufacturing.

Bill Formella