Dura|Rack Drying Rack

Dura-Rack-Blue-SmarTech | Smartech International

Technical Data

Materials Powder-coated steel frame
Aluminum support rods
Dimensions Base: 29” x 42”
Height: 76.25”
Support Rod Length: 20”
Width between rods: 11.5” and 5”


The Dura|Rack provides a secure and versatile location for parts to dry. The hefty powder-coated steel frame can easily hold 1200+ lbs. The Dura|Rack has 34 rows of solid aluminum support rods that are spaced to hold both large and small parts steadily, even when moving around the shop. The support rods can be adjusted side-to-side or even removed to hold very thick or deep parts. Replaceable, coated paper tubes fit snugly on the support rods to keep your product clean.

Price: $1,600.00 each + freight shipping from Charlotte, NC

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