Smartech Heads to IWF 2016

Revolving Roll Rack | SmartechHeading to HOT-lanta…
for the International Woodworking Fair

Every other year, Atlanta hosts the biggest woodworking industry party in the Western Hemisphere and we’re gearing up for a great show! Our 3DL cabinet, store fixture and component friends have been busy and the industry has an optimism not felt for quite some time.

Smartech is excited to set up shop on “Main Street” in the Machinery Hall B where we’ll be showing the super handy and easily affordable Revolving Roll Rack. Configured to hold 18 rolls of 3D Laminate (or any other rolled material) in a variety of sizes, this rack is still up for grabs. For a once-in-a-lifetime price, contact us before the show and we’ll even pick up all the shipping!

Tips for Ensuring Employees’ Safety with Woodworking Laminates

Tips for Ensuring Employees' Safety with Woodworking Laminates | Smartech International

Handling any machine part or manufacturing process carries a certain amount of risk to employee safety. This is true whether you operate an industrial level laminating press or a small woodworking shop.

Advances in equipment design, technology and stricter standards have led to improvements in safety for employees processing woodworking laminate. Still, OSHA standards for machinery and machine guarding were among the top ten most frequently cited violations in 2014.

Common injuries sustained while using industrial equipment include skin burns, inhaling fumes and getting limbs caught or smashed in machines.

Slips, trips and falls are also common in manufacturing facilities.